Legal Services.

While real estate is our focus, there are many situations where owning real estate in Arizona overlaps into the need for additional planning and advice.

As an attorney, Andrew Spitler advises clients on a wide range of planning and asset protection options. Matters Andrew handles for clients are as follows:

Estate Planning

- Wills
- Revocable Living Trusts
- Irrevocable Trusts
- Testamentary Trusts
- Financial Powers of Attorney
- Health Care Powers of Attorney
- Living Wills
- Do Not Resuscitate Orders
- HIPPA Authorizations
- Trust funding
- Beneficiary designation updates

Probate / Estate Administration

- Small Estate Affidavits
- Full Probate Estates
- Insolvent Estates
- Trust Administration
- Negotiation with estate creditors

Business Law

- Amendment and Dissolution of Limited Liability Companies,
- Limited Partnerships and Corporations,
- Business succession planning,
- Funding of business interests into trusts,
- Buy/Sell agreements

Real Estate Law

- Deeds
- Contract and lease preparation
- Title defects
- Easements
- Takings / Eminent Domain
- HOA disputes
- Rezoning
- Tax appeals
- Review of title policies
- Quiet Title
- Adverse Possession


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